RSM Academy


The RAJADAMNERN STADIUM is the original home of Muay Thai. This shrine to combat sport was the first stadium of its kind in Thailand, and to this day hosts tournaments and a ranking system that honours competitors with the most coveted championship titles available within the world of Muay Thai. In this latest initiative, RAJADAMNERN are proud to have by their side Thailand’s most recognised multi-national. The SINGHA CORPORATION has been instrumental in the promotion of Muay Thai over many decades. As both a sponsor and organiser of events; this quintessentially Thai brand has helped progress the popularity of the sport across all tiers of ability.

The joining of these two committed patrons of Thai culture brings together decades worth of heritage; and thanks to the stewardship of the independent entrepreneurs who have been the architects of the RSM initiative – this heritage is matched with a thoroughly modern approach to the sport, encompassing a vision for Muay Thai that expands its reach outside of the ring, into the world of personal fitness. The RSM academy offers a platform for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to explore Muay Thai. Our proximity to the heart of the Muay Thai community has allowed us to enlist the services of renowned fighters and trainers with expertise in both martial arts, and fitness training.

What makes us unique is that alongside our officially certified training programmes for active and aspiring competition fighters, we have effectively adapted the Muay Thai training regime to to fit the needs of those seeking an engaging and sociable health and fitness program. The RSM formula provides a unique take on the modern day gymnasium, replacing the impersonal approach to health and well being found in the high street health clubs and combat training centres, with one that is both stimulating and holistic.


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