22/2 M. 5, Sangchuto Road, Thamaka, Kanchanaburi 71120


Sitmonchai fighters are celebrated for their aggressive style and high knock out rates. Rather than leave the results in the hands of the judges (or the influence of the gamblers), many of our fighters use bone crushing low kicks and powerful punches to knock out their opponents. he combined attack of low kicks and punches has become known as the “Sitmonchai style”.

We also have highly skilled nak muay femur who are technically proficient with all their weapons and use their ring IQ to outscore their opponents.

For almost 20 years, Sitmonchai Gym (ค่ายมวย ศิษย์มนต์ชัย) has been home to the legendary brawler Pornsanae Sitmonchai, who won 9 championship titles in his career and is highly celebrated as one of Thailand’s toughest and most aggressive fighters. In February 2015 he won the Omnoi featherweight title by KO for the 2nd year running and retired from fighting. After working at Singapore’s renowned Evolve MMA gym for 20 months, Pornsanae returned in February 2017 to teach full-time at Sitmonchai, which has been his home for most of his life.


  • Muay Thai