Suwit Muay Thai

15 Thanon Chao Fa, Tambon Chalong, muang Chang Wat Phuket 83130, Thailand


With our 25 years of experience and our high level of knowledgeable and able staff, we have been very successful in training our local and foreign students; fine tuning the real Muay Thai technique with ease. Our Muay Thai trainers have recieved a wide variety of numerous courses to improve their abilities to take students under their wings. They all share strength, agility and discipline. They hold and possess the dexterity needed to instruct clients from a wide variety of countries all around the world. Our instructors are more than willing to work with the various clientele, their  abilities, level of experience, and knowledge base.

Many of the instructors here, at SuWit Muay Thai Training Camp; also take keen interest in keeping their own skills up to snuff by continuing to fight in competitions at our Stadium, making them masters of their technique. We provide clean and affordable rooms with food, a spotless recreation room, and an accessible gym fully furnished with all the gym equipment you would need to further your skill in Muay Thai. If you have been training with us for over two weeks, you will have the priviledge to go right inside our own stadium to watch real Thai Boxing, right before your eyes. You will have the opportunity to see for yourself, the skill and technique required to become a master of Muay Thai, every Friday evening!


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